For those who love animals and would like to spruce up their interior décor sometimes, we have the perfect collection of items you can use as decorations. All these collections share the same common theme. It’s a collection created by Sara Bowness and it includes a combination of furniture pieces that can be used for many spaces, including home offices, bedrooms and even hallways. Here are some examples of living room designs.

Depending on the room and the shape and size of the walls, the furniture piece you choose for the living room can range from small like these cozyReading armchairs that are perfect for relaxation and reading a book, to huge pieces such as these comfortable sofas. These ones that are particularly wide are perfect for big corners and the right color can make them stand out in some designs.

Stranger Things Byers Living Room Photo 2

Each one of these living room is unique and beautiful, just like a piece from the farmer’s tales. But these are just a few ideas and more like a sign of the inhabitant’s style. The living room is not always part of the same family, so it needs a more natural touch to truly feel like home.

Whether you decide to redecorate or simply paint the walls of your home, you have to admit that the room feels harder than it actually is. Which is why it’s a perfect challenge to try to recreate the cozy atmosphere achieved by the pieces from the farmer’s tales collection. This living room collection is just what you need, in terms of relaxation and serenity, but it also includes all you need to cozy up with a book or two a warm cup of coffee.

These inviting and cozy pieces of furniture have been created using upcycled materials. The collection was created by Moroccan designer ArielPepe. This is a living room furniture collection with Arabic influenced Moroccan brick motifs. similarities like these point towards the overall traditional Moroccan design. However, some of the characteristics of the style could also be borrowed from other areas of Europe.