It’s always fun to combine something simple and also unexpected and unusual for the interior décor. It’s fun to come up with something new you can call your own, something that deserves to be unique and that stands out. So since storage is only an element that was invented in the past, here’s a display cabinet for storing books and other decorative items, something that no home could afford. This is the Apsara cabinet.

It’s very simple and very chic. It features a combination of 35 cm-high iron oak work and laminated engineered wood with a creamy white that covers the frame. The piece is very chic because it incorporated the compartment in its design. The cabinet has been hand crafted by Mikili Isbricz for Inc Red Identiskred. The piece is available in wenge or porcelain and each one of them is signed and numbered.The Apsara cabinet features a minimalist design, with simple and clean lines and no unnecessary details. This aspect is always a fun to look at. You can enjoy it in the case of home offices, in a bedroom or any other room of the house.

The overall dimensions of the Apsara cabinet are Diam. 1 9/16 x 19 x 33h. The piece is made of solid brass and it’s crafted directly on the salon. You can purchase the item now for $600.

Storage Shelves For Living Room Photo 3