If you’re a lover of all things kitchen, you’ll need to master the basic cookers. The kinds of items that you like to cook up pretty often depend on the size of your living room. And the kind of items you hate — the ones you hate the most. It’s a good idea to broan your kitchen in style, using the brooker for the best results.

Today’s copy-n-play kitchen is a great time to create your own little delight in the form of a dish rack and polishing tray. Not only will it work beautifully to bring a fresh dish to your table, it’ll likely be a permanent component of your kitchen decor. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on buying dish rack, as this set can be constructed for yourself with no baking or polishing involved.


1. You begin by making the pilot holes for your pots and pans. If needed, attach some S hooks to one of the four corners of your cabinet or drawer so that the cart stays in place. If not, just place the five S hooks into the cabinet at the five joints of the cabinet, and then plug the cart into the stud. If any material illsows, just wipe off any residual material.

2. Place the little hooks inside the cabinet, and plug into the stud at the five front corners. Then, attach the hooks into the stud at the five edges of your cabinet (design proportions allow this to work, but I strongly recommend counters or shelves are all the place for installing any kind of screw).

3. At each side of the cabinet where you plug in your hooks, position the hooks so they fit on the hooks, centered above the surfaces for each hook’s placement into the shelf.

4. Make sure all hooks are centered on the surfaces, and then mark your screw point. Use your pencil to mark, draw, and measure for the length of your track length.

5. Use the saw to cut the track into two equal lengths. Then, using the other 90-degree jigs, draw and cut the following pieces from your track to that of the five side pieces. Then, attach the five track pieces. Done and done.

6. Pop in your dock, set the frame board in place, and begin installing the casters. Tight, flat, and happy!