First of all the question is do you have the space for a fireplace or not. Here are some ideas of how you can create a living area without necessarily placing it on the floor. For now there are plenty of options and many designs and pieces of furniture from which you can also make use of this space. Thus, for outdoor living rooms opt for vertical or horizontal shelves, dividing walls with them to create an attractive, eye-catching effect.

For example, here are some pictures that might inspire you, but they show a different type of living room railing.The modern designs are better defined as vertical or horizontal pieces, with no decorations behind them. It is used for both indoor and outdoor use and it can easily fit in a large living room room room.

These photos show a living room railing which looks as if it emerged from the ground and which is made of pennies. This type of design looks wonderful and it gives the room an industrial touch. The design is completed by a counter mounted wall unit and some cabinets. You can have this type of railing in warm colors like brown or beige or you can complement them with a different color for a more dramatic effect.

Step Down Living Room Railing Design Photo 3