Spanish furniture manufacturer Sall’s always manages to come up with new and innovative design solutions for living rooms, kitchens and chic interiors. All these furniture pieces are made using bentwood or upholstered furniture with a minimalist design. The Stunning Square side table is one such creation.Designed by YLAB arquitectos, this beautiful table is made using 90 cm long pieces of bentwood.

It can be used either as a side table or simply as extra storage unit in a living or dining room. The circular structure is very practical and functional. Moreover, the extra storage space that it incorporates is very useful. The table is available in two different sizes, with small (6 x 6 cm), medium (5 x 5 cm) and large (5 x 4 cm). The size is suitable for the children’s room, providing the perfect opportunity to include it in their reading corner. The simplicity of the design makes the base stand out and the top is also available in colored glass paint.Available on site.