The Split Level TV console by Splinter Boards is a fantastic sliding furniture concept suitable for any modern environment. The sliding furniture concept provides the ideal solution for cases when different sized people use the space in differing ways, such as watching television, relaxing, gaming, or whatever may seem like a daily occurrence.

The TV console is made of tempered glass and comes equipped with silver sliding panels for a chic aesthetic and a high-end appearance. It can be used either as a TV console in or as a console itself, but any of these sliding panels is removable and can be used simultaneously at any time. The sliding panels allow you to create room divisions by fixing a TV wall, or you can simply add panels on a larger flat area to create more length for the couch.

Split Level Living Room Furniture Placement! Photo 2

It’s ideal for small spaces, such as at a hallway, that the entire wall is functional, as the sliding panels only allows the focal point of the TV to be reflected to the eye upon entering. Furthermore, this particular TV console can be used throughout the entire wall or a portion of it onto the ceiling. This allows you to create a feature wall area, such as perhaps a seating area, that is also the media unit.

There are two different types of TV consoles. The console that is conveniently placed on the wall can also be used to display audio media storage so that the media players are displayed to the right length. The second type is a stand-alone console that is built into the wall. These can be used for storing the audio, and the two being similar on the cover of the TV. So, there you have it a number of options on which to either mount the console or use the different designs and models that you like.

Split Level Living Room Furniture Placement! Photo 4