If you’re a serious picky and you’re looking for a new living room decoration ideas, just look no further than the Split Level Room design. It’s an interesting but simple design element designed to suit large or small spaces. The rooms are separated in smaller areas and the style differs accordingly so you must also take into account the functionality of the room.This stylish and minimalist living room was designed by Marcantonio Bonacina.

The colors and the patterns and textures form an interesting combination. The split level room also features other unusual and eye-catching features. For example, the open floor plan is dominated by bright and open colors. The sofa is very spacious, as its connection to the dining area is a shared space. The cutouts in the background are shiny and different and the glass windows and doors are integrated into this functionality. The cutouts create a transparent living space.

The overall décor is modern and minimalist. The accent is also simple but colorful and not without cost. It’s nice how all the materials and patterns combine and form a complete and equilibrated image. The overall image is bold and modern.{found on houseofturquoise}

Split Level Living Room Designs By Sherri K For Size And Location Photo 3