Split-level spaces are usually spaces shared between two or more persons. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be both equally stylish. For example, you could have a sofa and a desk on either side of the bed. In this case, however, a split-level design would have to be used for more than one person. Here’s how a layout for a split level living room would look like.

It’s the type of living room that also provides cozy and inviting nooks and living rooms to sit on. It’s a design strategy that adapted to a variety of styles. It’ a type of layout with a specific material, color and finish. It’s also a style that allows the room to feel relaxing, no matter the environment.

Strictly regarding the visual side of this layout, this split level has a more airy and open look than in the case of split-level spaces for example where it’s more difficult to naturally connect each level and to create visual boundaries and labyrinth with furniture and flooring. This allows the rooms to be spacious and open without needing a lot of obstructions and without including large furniture.

The design concept employed here incorporates a series of floating stairs. They bring sumptuousness and sophistication to the room and they complement the light fixtures. The use of transparent wood balustrades which visually connect the indoor and outdoor areas, resulting in an eclectic yet harmonious ambiance throughout.

The TV corner is the ideal place for a fireplace. The fireplace is the focal point of the living room and it’s also a strategic choice which helps to create a cozy, relaxing and pleasant ambiance. The low ceilings soften the minimalist look. The corner makes the room feel spacious and airy while the walls bring in lots of natural light.

A similar type of layout is featured in the dining zone. A long, low-hanging pendant light hangs above the table and two simple and sleek dining chairs are facing each other. The area rug, the console table and the artwork have been brought together to create a versatile layout but also a subtle contrast of styles.

The symmetrical layout of this open social space was completed with a long window that connects the indoor and outdoor zones and also a series of accent lights that give this living area additional security. The concrete facade softens the minimalism of the interior décor and also serves as a pleasant backdrop for the outdoor seating area. In addition, the wooden floors also bring warmth into the spaces.