Split level house interiors are certainly not ordinary. They can be stunning though, and can really make your home unique. For example this split level house offer a great view of the city as well as islands of colored light as the furniture and some decks. This type of living rooms with a central stair, is definitely an ideal place for spending quality time with your loved ones n the garden.

It is in the very best mood, and nothing compares to the breathtaking views offered by the interiors designer Ora’ai, who takes the field of vision and turn it inside-out.

Split Level House Living Room Design And Décor Photo 2

This great design is excellent for a family with children, as the interiors offer a style which can integrate everything and make the kids happy. For anyone who is looking forward to enjoy solitude, isolation is the way to go. This way, the bedroom is sandwiched between all the rooms, and the sea views are taken care of with the use of eco and natural materials and neutral colors, which bring some order to the chaotic chaos of the entire place.

The combination of grey walls with white floors and wooden furniture, makes the house appear elegant and serious, yet with personality. The hallway is an ideal way to take a seat, and the paintings and decorative objects complement the interior perfectly.

The central location of the house makes the entire space ideal for socializing, or for receiving family and friends at night with a good book and a cold drink in bed.