The entry is a very important area for a family. The living room is a place that needs to be airy and spacious and for this reason indoor furniture is the way to do. We have a very simple post for you today. It shows a split entry living room setup, in case you didn’t figure it out by yourself. We’re still using the idea from Arjal Architecture for now.The first thing you need to do when working on such a project is keep the space clean and tidy is proper to get all the items in order and to be able to access them easily. Most of the time this seemed to be an afterthought.

Second, open shelves are a must-have because they allow you to leave a messy messy place without having to redecorate the whole room. Since most of them are expensive and require quite a bit of maintenance, we thought you might like to consider a kit instead. You can choose from a variety of intriguing and ingenious combinations such as the one featured on acoastallife. This console table features a floral top with empty spaces in between them arranged into flower-like arrangements but you can be ingenious and use other similar designs as well.

Split Entry Living Room Furniture Layout Photo 2

Those with more complex designs can enjoy the presence of a minimalist split coffee table instead. This one is impressive because it can serve as a decorative piece and also as a bookshelf. The table can be paired with a very interesting sectional that is made entirely of engineered wood with simple but striking lines. Called the Gridffe, this piece was designed by Paola Navone and it’s meant to evoke the feeling of agridle with grids stretching across the length of a rectangular floor. It can be expanded upon as needed and can be customized in a lot of interesting ways.

This amazing dining chair is called the Flat chair. It was created by Danish designer Youji Taniziacour and is inspired by a walkway. The high back sitting atop the throne has an channel-tufted leather seat. The chair looks very much like a regular chair and the result is amazing. This was one of the first chairs ever created using flat wood.

Split Entry Living Room Furniture Layout Photo 4

The Amis Cabin is a rather different and unusual piece of furniture. It was designed specifically for those in need of such a piece of furniture and it even has a very sculptural look. The cabin is built partially from spruce and it offers 495 square feet of space to its residents, near offices and a homey amenities.