Living rooms usually need separate spaces for each member or family members. Now that there are more and more and more open spaces we would like to present you a variety of entryways. The entryway is a semi-open space that can serve for personal things like flowers, books, a coatroom, a purse, a photo and so on. A reading corner is also a great option for this space. The persons using this area will be able to admire, relax and cozy up to the cozy fireplace.

Other more important choices are the bedroom. This space needs separate areas. Even though it functions as both a living space and a bedroom, there are still enough other details you need to pay attention to in order to feel comfortable. For example, the flooring has been pre-planned and it can be a real treasure.

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The fireplace and the area rug are the most important elements. The rug is very beautiful and goes very well with the overall style of the room. The wooden flooring has a rough look when left in its plain state, although it retains its soft texture and appearance. The floor also slightly gives the impression of a rustic area rug, especially with that finish.

The color palette is also an important consideration. A more neutral one would make the entryway more inviting and inviting but would also feel monotonous and cold. You can complement the rug with an accent wall in your home if the style suits the space. If you prefer the décor to be simple and chic, perhaps that would be a nice idea.

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Bookshelves are also a great option. Even though the individual shelves can be very narrow and small, they are wide enough to hold multiple books and accessories. They can change the way the room looks like in a blink of an eye. The color palette and the materials can also be chose.

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Modular furniture is amazing by architects and designers and it offers versatile flexibility in a very simple and accessible way. This minimalist approach allows the house to become almost completely open to the surroundings or to open itself to outdoors by offering large sliding glass doors. The interior reveals itself to all the panoramic views as well as the surroundings, making the most of the sunlight and fresh air.

The floor-to-ceiling windows let in the beautiful views in as well as the mesmerizing landscape which surrounds the house. The perfect location is the one which keeps it simple but engaging and engaging, at the same time offering beautiful and memorable design details such as this beautiful fireplace framed by barely there windows.

A series of decks and platforms were chosen for the house in order to allow the landscape to be reduced and the house to be reduced to its core. Although they form a nice sense of space and establish a harmonious relationship with the surrounding landscape, they also offer the house a lot of its charm when looked at in a different way.