The search for the perfect piece of furniture can give you lots of headaches and, in most cases, it doesn’t even end with the piece you find in the home. But if you’re not convinced about a piece or a few pieces, maybe you should stop for a look at what others had before you.

This is a modular sofa. It was designed by Ramunas Manu and the inspiration came from the building material in particular. Given the fact that the sofa is made of several modules stacked together, you can see the contrasts and the way in which the modules are organized and combined to form a comfortable structure that also looks good. The design was inspired by the search for the perfect piece of fabric that has many advantages. It’s a piece that stands out but that is also versatile and can change the whole décor in its own way.

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The Soriana Sofa has a modern design and it was created using a series of thin and light lines combined with a beautiful shade of beige. The Soriana sofa is crafted from solid birch wood and has a very clean and linear structure. The structure is asymmetrical and also covered with soft textures. The Soriana sofa is created by a limited edition showcase and not just as a beautiful and minimalist piece of furniture but also as a decorative piece. It would look lovely in any living room, regardless of the style.

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