Decorating a small room is definitely not a walk in the park. However, choosing the right décor for a small room can be a challenge.One particularly unpleasant task can be to find a way to decorate a room without creating an opulent look.One extremely important aspect is to select furniture pieces with the desired dimensions, without employing typical means of furniture pieces.

The idoe designed by OYOY Studentgirls in Korea can help you get an idea of how you may arrange the furniture pieces for small rooms.The materials differ in size and height and color in the rooms may also be appropriate.In order to save some space you may use the cushion covers in the first place. A sofa may be placed in between the chairs and also the bed which can be put in the corner of a room. A room divided into small spaces may also be designed by using table legs.

As children love to spread their toys all over the room, not to disturb the others and spend their time quietly at the table, the adults can use the same concept and create an organized space. Thus you can use the ideas to decorate a room that might become dull in a period when kids are busy with their toys and now play football at the table that is also used for other activities.

Another scheme to use in a small room may be the corridor. A compact carpet with the right color and style can offer a comfortable place for the kid to lay his back, relax and take a break in the “big space” that divided itself into several zones without being in one space.A bed or a sofa can link multiple spaces and the floor plan can be used to make the room look bigger and brighter.You may also create different height levels using the square furniture that can give you a round bed or some interesting and cool chairs to place at the table.

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Using the space as a play place can also complete a room’s theme and make it attractive. The play place can be totally hidden inside the floor, so that the kids can play hide and seek, have fun, and live in an open environment which is also flexible.{all pics from mdrdesignboom}.

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