There’s not a lot of furniture pieces that can’t be stored in the room in order to make it feel inviting and cozy. There are a lot of ways in which you can organize and decorate the furniture in your living room and one of them is the dresser. It’s specifically designed to serve as a storage unit for small objects. Let’s see what this dresser can do.

First let’s review the interior design of this modern living room. The dresser is placed in the corner of the room and has wall-mounted shelves. On one of them you can make use of the diagonal space by having it lined up and the dresser becomes a tower of bookshelves. The other end is a little more complex. For the top shelf, the designer managed to use planks of wood and to create an industrial display area with shelves of various shapes and sizes.

Small Dresser For Living Room Photo 2

An industrial space needs to feel inviting and comfortable so the best strategy is to use elements that are usually found in a beach house such as the ceiling fan, the curtains, shades, the pendant light and everything else. In this case there are also other options.

You could also use an industrial means to create a pleasant and comfortable ambiance in the living room. One example is a pitched ceiling fan turned into a ceiling stand. The design and shape become more interesting as the fan advances towards the corners. Get some matching throw pillows and create a nice symmetry for the room.

To make the living room feel cozy and inviting one you can use warm colors and materials. The traditional possibilities are actually quite clever because there are several ways in which color can be used to make a living room look beautiful. One idea would be to use wallpaper. It’s an unusual concept and it works very well with simple and neutral color schemes. Green wallpaper looks very beautiful in this setting.Another option is to add some nice wall shelves or some decorations on one of the walls to create a focal point, to draw the eye towards the ceiling and occasionally even to halfway reach the ceiling.

Recyclart in the corners or to break up the space by using wood or similar materials to create a more inviting area. As big or Sisal-like an accent wall is, it’s important to use darker colors and to use warm materials to complement them. Furniture made of wood or similar materials also help to create a more inviting and appealing look, allowing the ambiance in the room to be pleasant.

One way of saving space is to use smaller, regular shelves on the walls. They can be the unit for the living room cupboards and they can be placed along the walls, in front of the doors. This way they blend in more easily and they become more numerous than the larger pieces. By using the same techniques in combination with the shelves you create a more cohesive and well-balanced design throughout.

Another very useful idea is to integrate the shelving unit into the area above the door. This way it’s not overtaking the room. For example, in a dark décor, the shelves would stand out but in this case they also frame the door, giving the room a cozy and more elegant look.