These are the small touches to a well-designed space. Here are some of the inspiring spaces we found, with their tiny but cozy interiors. You can visit them and take advantage of all the creative additions they have added. From the furniture to the lighting designs, the beautiful contemporary designs were designed with a small change. We’ve made a selection with this particular theme.

The living room is the central space where all the members of the family get to spend during the day. So it’s important for the parents and the kids to be able to socialize easily and also for the parents to get bored quickly with their falling into pieces. It’s where they go when they want to have a break and where they need to socialize and simply be together longer. It’s a cozy and inviting area with a simple interior design and a minimalist and casual atmosphere that brings together all the individual elements and they combine the beauty of the minimalist design with the simplicity and the uniqueness of the original elements.

The seating area is very beautiful. A modern-style bench with tapered legs and an unusual round top was placed on it. Again, several comfy sofas await guests and comfortable seats are arranged around the coffee table.

Sleeping In The Living Room: Spacious, Open And Inspiring Rooms With Unique Focal Points Photo 3

Designing a living room with a minimalist double-height space is not easy but, once you see how airy the space looks and how it’s functional, you start to realize that the space doesn’t need to be ultramodern. There are lots of ways in which you can achieve that. A particularly great idea is to opt for clever corner shelves that take up very little space and can be used for storage or display.

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Every room needs a focal point and some inspiration. Whether it’s a theme in the area you’re working with or a piece of furniture that makes the area stand out, there’s always the option to use wallpaper or interesting patterns or shapes.

If you want to create a focal point in the room but don’t want it to look overwhelming, use simple patterns and white furniture. The same thing can be said about patterns in other tones such as shades of gray. For example, you could use an interesting pattern that matches the walls and that matches the light fixtures.

And speaking of patterns and different textures and prints on the walls, that’s an entirely different idea. You can have a rug with a floral design or a rug with funky colors and a really nice combination of colors. You can also try geometrical shapes.

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Of course, woven and fuzzy-looking rugs are beautiful. You can also try eye-catching patterns to give your home character. For example, the combination of patterns featured by this particular area rug would look really nice in this setting.

A single wool rug can be enough for a large and open living space, an open kitchen or any other kind of space. You can have large, soft petals wrapped in thick and colorful yarn and small ones wrapped in black and white stripes. The result will be an eclectic décor.

The dimensions of the rug can help you determine how important the shape and dimensions of the living room space are for the rest of the décor. A big striped rug will stand out more if it’s oversized and can easily be placed in the corner or in the middle of the room. If you want your living room to have a casual feel, consider a sofa or sectional featuring a rainbow of colors.