Situated in a quiet residential area on the top floor of a building, this cozy family room is the perfect place where a family can enjoy a good book, where they can relax for a while, maybe read a good book and wipe off their laptop while having fun playing family games. Another advantage of this space is the fact that it is large enough to allow the family to comfortably share it with those external residents. The surrounding walls and furniture provide additional space.

The wooden paneling in the living room, for example, provides additional space, but in an opposite way – literally. The pillars that support the ceiling, for example, creates continuity between the massive brick walls (which are, in fact, wooden) and the interior (which is, by all appearances, white). This helps to create a cozier atmosphere, one that the owners wanted to achieve.

Sisters Reading In The Living Room: A Cozy And Cozy Family Room By Mili Mluganov Fromoslavoszka-plan Photo 3