Living room is one of those spaces that many people prefer to have but we usually know that it must be special. For those who don’t feel like building a living room from scratch and want one custom made one is actually a lot easier and more expensive than building one from scratch. It all depends on the way in which you plan to use the space and how you plan to decorate it. Today we found this lovely residence situated in Simricor, Lithuania.

As you can see, this is actually a very small and minimalist house. It has a modern design, with a very simple shape. The house has no dominant features and the wood white throughout the rooms gives them a little bit of warmth. The white also creates a nice backdrop not just for the rooms but also for the porch and the surrounding outdoor areas.

Sims 4 Modern Living Room Ideas By Enrico Kutylup Photo 2

The minimalism of the design is quite refreshing. The bright colors combined with warm finishes create a cheerful and relaxing ambiance. The minimalism is also complemented by the fresh plants. There’s a very nice balance between the different areas and the areas where the inhabitants can relax or have a drink a coffee.

The house has a very simple interior design. White is the main color and there are also a few other shades or tones of color that bring out the minimalism of the design. It’s like watching your favorite movies while relaxing indoors. The fireplace is very cleverly decorated. Not only that it looks classy and beautiful but it also has a functional and space-efficient design.{pics by P??kka Salmakorpa}.

Sims 4 Modern Living Room Ideas By Enrico Kutylup Photo 4