These four living room theater rooms are all part of a single theme. Indeed, they are all part of the same “conservatorium” which, with the aim of preserving a small attempt at producing great value at our earlier years of marriage, is a classic. As a result, even though these eclectic living rooms do not embody a masculinity that is anything new, they still emanate a familiar pleasant and inviting aesthetic. Specifically, they are often defined by a soft, neutral colour palette, with typically whites defining features, often in the form of lighting or users.The result is a space that is comfortable but engaging, where the active andocused visual reminder of entertainment already exists.

Multiple large statement pieces provide structure and order to the living room, as well as varying degrees of amplitude for different activities. Together, they create an inviting and even pleasant living room, where the focus is, well, on the décor.

The main living room, dining room and kitchen area of the living room are all blended into one, resulting in a large open space but still very inviting. Details are kept to a minimum in these rooms, which only provide a glimpse into the great wooden piano Parent throughout the home has produced. Details are not sacrificed, either. For example, the main chimney is low (due to practical reasons, in this way of working with a minimally furnished building), while niches in some rooms are finished with bricks in order to make the spaces cozier.

Maintaining a balance between the technological and structural can perhaps be a few disadvantages, but it is also necessary. The home’s sound system need not be at the same level with the interior’s, on the contrary, making easy and common use of soundproofing much more common in Berlin zones. At the same time, acoustic and acoustic limits have to be worked through in order to make the space comfortable to live and work in, for example with the minimum amount of electronics necessary to obtain the sound of the room.

The new design concept of ‘visually blind house’ gives everybody the possibility to feel as if he or she were in a home, in a home. This can be achieved by creating a large transparent space, which visually marries the internal functions with the stunning views of the Berlin skyline. In order to obtain the maximum height possible, a central piece, called ‘visually blind,’ a glass frame on the upper floor was designed which contains the wonderful bedrooms and is the ideal place for the TV, computer, etc., etc., as well as the space for keeping the curtains open. Every floor has at least two windows, to enjoy beautiful views toward the far mountains of the city. Even more, one of the walls is covered with full-height mirrors, thus allowing the perception of the sky.

Together with the metal frames, wood is the main material of the interior, besides creating a warm atmosphere and being the one chosen in accordance to the atmosphere and environment, which gives a home that the perfect romantic atmosphere. However, it also has a negative quality, since it is an existence that “boons” come to life, but it’s not very stable, but it still keeps its strength and will eventually do its job. In the kitchen and in the bedrooms, there are separated by glass doors that can eventually lead to the third floor, for those who want to have some privacy, but don’t want to lose this aspect. Finally, the floors have been built using bricks placed concrete to mark the outer walls.”

Photos courtesy of Residential Attitudes