This living room is called Somber House and was created by the Italian designer Gabriele Centazzo. The walls decorated with posters and hand made wallpaperby Marcascolo Zandela, paint the walls crisp white and lush with colours that vary from dreamy to inspirational. Bright furniture is very much inspired by England and it’s just the overall style and colours that are so beautiful and taste country. The furniture is creamy white and you can clearly see the sofa cushions and an old footstool. That they are so young and used so well, it’s amazing what a creative and artistic kids room can do when it comes to furniture design. The Somber House is adorable and the painted walls give it personality and style, not just bright fun.

The whole house is made from recycled plywood. The patterned ply repeats in the form of powder coated steel shades. The units are spacious and have been painted in a wide range of bold shades. The walls are white and the floors have beige cushions. The kids love the furniture theme. This combination of colors is not for everyone but it’s a very nice and creative mix.{found on trendir}

Sims 4 Living Room Ideas By Gabriele Centazzo Photo 2

Sims 4 Living Room Ideas By Gabriele Centazzo Photo 3