Sometimes it’s not about the furniture or the decorations that influence the overall mood but about the room itself. For example, a living room, an office or any other space that needs to have a distinct look, can greatly benefit from the type of decorations such as paintings or wall art. Let’s see which elements are most important when selecting a living room paint and what are some of the models you could choose from.

Photo by Kitty Saeger Photography for Freshome

The first step when decorating the living room is finding the right picture and mirror. It has to feature a theme and the theme should be chosen accordingly. Then you can also think about the colors you’ve chosen. Here, for example, a mustard yellow was chosen for the walls but there are also other colors that could suit nicely this space.

Sims 3 Living Room Ideas For A Unique Touch Photo 3

by Miss Flowers

Sims 3 Living Room Ideas For A Unique Touch Photo 4

This is a vintage floral painting with red roses and a lime green wall look. The painting is very easy to make. You just need to paint the flowers red, combine several colors and don’t forget to also cover the upper portion of the painting with paper.

by Benning W.. bureau

Even though we said red seems like a scary color I also feel that it’s a very safe color, especially for rooms with less colorful and artistic interior designs. The red color can be chosen to complement other bright colors but it can also be a beautiful choice for simple and more modern decors. As you can see in the picture, the painting doesn’t have heavy doses of red and you can also complement it with pastels and pastels of colors, just like a kid would use to decorate.

by Koch Architects

The same thing goes for black or dark grays. It’s also nice to turn the room into a calm and peaceful space by making it look grown up, with clean and fresh lines and vintage influences. In addition, we also have the advantage that by opting for a dark color you can create a nook for your plants, a space where it’s easy to keep the decor fresh.

by Koch Architects

Those black and white rooms are also just as relaxing and charming as the ones we’ve seen so far. In the case of the bedroom, the accent features are strong and classy. In this case there’s a very beautiful crisp white walls and the furniture is very simple. The decorative pillows are very stylish and they complement the black and white décor beautifully.

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

This is a bedroom that proves at least some form of creativity and which impresses with its artistic and artistic oddity. First of all, the décor is extremely simple. The room is not completely lacking color. The custom-made furniture and the white and beige rug help create a serene and clean atmosphere. The flooring is the main attraction. Using the chairs and table as contrasts pieces, the accent pieces stand out without being filled with color.

by Olivia Horston

This is an interesting and balanced design. The oak wood table and the various elements and accessories along with the skylight, the large windows and the simple but dynamic décor result in an eclectic design. The accent chair is definitely the most eye-catching piece of furniture but it actually doesn’t stand out that much. The rug is definitely the element that stands out.