Even though it’s a combo often features the same color combination, both tones work well together. This is definitely a case that we’re familiar with. The two contrasting tones are capable of creating interesting focal points and they complement each other beautifully. It’s a familiar story for all the colors in the room.

This is a spacious and modern living room. The walls are similarly simple but they have been designed in a rather unusual way. The contrasts are strong and yet they create interesting visual effects. The pop of pink in pink suits the pink sofa but that’s not the only color used here.

This is a very bold and dynamic room. The table, the sofa, the painting on the wall, the faucet nearby and all of these spaces have a common color which links them all. It’s a dynamic combo and it takes advantage of the yellow walls. Furthermore, the black pipe lighting fixtures are also a nice touch in combination with the dark flooring.

This is a studio apartment that instantly became a wonderful home for a small family. It covers a surface of 90 square meters but it’s only 1,5 square meters (11 sq ft) which is not 8 but 22 square meters (179 sq ft). Thanks to that, it’s basically not that big. In fact, it’s so small that several rooms can serve as independent areas. The living room is one of the smallest spaces. It only occupies an area around 60 square meters (around 32 square meters).

The living room in particular was so small that there were just 29 square meters (398 sq ft) throughout the room. That’s why the owner and designer decided to central the living room as the smaller space. They also decided to utilize light colors and an open plan décor for the living room. The dining room is a sem-color space that can be decorated with white dining chairs as a counterpoint to the black and white accents in this case.

This is an attic apartment and it only has one room. It’s not exactly a small place. It’s small but it’s rather a quite open space. To compensate for that, the owner used a minimalist approach when decorating the room. The stained glass windows were strategically placed and, despite the dark finish, the apartment is very bright and airy. The style is eclectic and almost entirely composed of black and white elements.{found on micasarevista}.