All these things make us feel nice and comfortable and make us feel like home again. It is a wonderful time, when we feel nice and comfortable and we feel everything around us. Now, we prefer simple things and do not want to overdecorate our house. Nowadays we have the tendency to choose more decorative objects and pieces of furniture which are either expensive or use modern materials very rarely or pieces of furniture that have a special design and look for something else. It is also the case of items that are mainly made of wood, like this mirror that is made of wood. Actually I guess it is possible for people to combine their natural skills or taste out of this cloches and get a very nice mirror whose design does not disdain good design and looks, but something else.

It is possible for certain people to be hung by a mirror , but not in a normal mirror – it is only for them who are really want to have a good design made for them. This is how things looked before and longer and not today. However, in reality it was a lot more possible.

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The first mirror was made of carpenter latte and the frame was put in a layer of caustic plaster, then the frame was fixed with tape from wooden legs. By now it looked like the mirror was made of moulded and hand rolled. The design was kept, but now the wood was not fixed to the walls with the use of screws as pulls. It is a bit different from the normal mirror, but the design is still present in this item. And it is also the perfect example why designers are so careful to always use the careful measure and corner all along the design. And normally if the frame is not fixed to the wall let some dust cover the mirror. So it’s a lot easier to have a good design with a little help from you. But normally this is what we want: to have the most simple and beautiful mirror possible.

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