Quilted and buttoned-up pillows were all the rage in the 1920s and the 1930s. Even Harry Potter andLord of the Manor were popular decades ago. Nowadays we keep everything on the shelves and we fill our homes with things that look good enough to be restored, no matter how little you’ve got the space for it. However, every once in a while we start to look up options and to find ones that can look good in your house, just like the ones you see here.

This is versatility and quilting. As a result, you can have two or more sheets that look just like these ones, all looking great and standing out in any décor. You can purchase the Quilting and Shelf collection by Terremoto. The set includes one Quinto chair, two Quinto pillows, two Quxtile pillows and a classic table. The chairs also bear a resemblance to the classic black and white stripes.

The Quitetail Pillow is also a sturdy and durable piece. It has a timeless design and comes with an reverse quilt cover. The quilting covers can be removed and cleaned in your washing machine. The Quitailly Chair is very beautiful as well. It was designed to offer comfort to persons and soothing natural night and morning. The chair is made of 100% cotton and polyester. The quilt is removable and machine washable. The quilt is available in either ivory or graphite finish. The dimensions of the chairs are 19’’w x 19’’d x 41’’h.

Simmons Sunflower Living Room Sectional- Quilt And Pillow Photo 3

Another beautiful example is the Alvea chair. The simple design and friendly shape make this piece a very chic addition to any modern or contemporary home, especially if you want a versatile design that would fit well with other furniture and decor pieces. Also, the weaving is handmade and can be done by you in your home, office, workshop or powder room. The chair is made of natural cotton with a zipper cover.Available for $229.

Simmons Sunflower Living Room Sectional- Quilt And Pillow Photo 4

Simmons Sunflower Living Room Sectional- Quilt And Pillow Photo 5