If you are looking for a living room where you can enjoy the summer and all your friends’ sweet holiday parties, or you just want to feel the autumn stars burning in your face, this tan sectional is perfect for you. It mahogany table sectional set has been wrapped in sunlight-proof fabrics with fine-cut details that make it the centerpiece of your living room. You can have it for $895.00 .

The thick sectional has been upholstered in summer printed Lilienne fabric and has a black background with white detailing. The arm rest suits it very well, offering 20’’ height and 22’’ width. This is an versatile tan sectional, perfect for living rooms, hallways, even bedrooms. The wooden upper section is hand finished and once that’s done you can go for a natural oak, or wisterd gray.

The dimensions for the arm are W 59? x d D 31? x h 62?. The table is easy to clean, doesn’t dirty a great deal of dirt. Moreover, all the wood is solid white and left to weather perfectly natural, which is already assuming there isn’t a lot of places in the house that look beautiful at night. However, you can feel free to customize it, by choosing various colors, like black, red, ivory, neoglass and sky blue and a finish that suits you best.