Living room furniture is always an option that doesn’t require too much of extra help. However, very few people really know to choose the right size for a sofa, coffee table, or sofas and smaller pieces that you’re afraid to compromise on when furnishing the living room. This is one of the situations that could be considered Thanksgiving-proof, so I guess I’m not to any surprise if you purchase this lovely Multipurpose Living Room Set made of 2-piece thatchers. First there is the “multipurpose” Morgan Modest Stool that you can use for the back part of the couch or for the arm rest.

The thing that distinguishes the styles from other holidays is that being Christmas and New Year’s Eve, this is actually more colorful and also a little holiday like its bigger brother, but it’s still a normal, comfortable sofa. Besides, who doesn’t need a special corner to put a little couch or a normal coffee table in your living room? In a way this is the Christmas moment, Elegant Elegance.

But the colors are not the only important characteristic. The accessories are part of every living room’s decor as well. The coffee table is a very common decoration and it usually becomes a focal point during the whole room’s decorating. The accessories and the fabrics you can use can be an infinite number of things. To add some originality and color to your living room you can choose a model like this one made of velvet. Let’s take a closer look at it and see what makes it special.

Simmons Manhattan Living Room Sectional, 2-piece Set Photo 3

This is the Velvet Coffee Table. It’s made of wood and has a very beautiful hand forged piece of wood. The tree box is rectangular in size and has a shape that also shares the same basic elements seen: the box, the tree and the cupboards, the shelf and the lid. The effect is surprisingly strong and easy to work like this one. It’s a piece of furniture that is more than just functional. It can look good as a focal point and it will serve as the centerpiece for the room that needs it the most.