Nowadays more and more people are willing to put their money on a furniture set that covers more than just a sofa and a bed. It’s no longer enough to have matching sets of furniture, because they’re the most versatile piece of furniture everyone has. It’s also a very good reason to have a second living room, like this one. This Mecor collection is particularly wide and there’s also a slightly different version, with a divider in this case.

The collection includes a sofa, a couple of armchairs and a smaller coffee table and modular sofa cum a complete living room console. If you’re looking for a durable piece of furniture to help you relax after a long day then this one is perfect for you. What’s also nice is the wide range of colors it can be admired in, as well as the way in which the different shades complement the pieces, revealing their full splashes of color.Available for 575$.