Living room is a space that must be designed perfectly: there are pieces of furniture and decor that can be perfect. Anyways, sometimes the rooms design is not so much based on fowl shape, color and design, but on the details that must compose the design. For example this Spanish designer, Paul Cartmentsani thought it would be helpful to use a chandelier or a device that can bring an outdoor ambiance to the indoors, but also use comfort and functionality to the indoors with this living room.

The living room is in general a space that needs to be pleasant and comfortable because people spend more and more time in there, so it has to be a well-defined set with furniture, shades, forms and colors. Paul Cagnotta thought it would be helpful to create a living room that can remind you of some of your childhood, when you used to spend a lot of time in there. The Bacco lamps, for example, create a romantic atmosphere because of their particular Purple color and their sculptural lamp reminds you of some sort of Marilyn Monroe.

The same tones will be used for a similar living room that you can see here. Perhaps these shades will create some type of emotion that can remind you of your childhood and the stories you used to play with your friends.

Simmons Bishop Living Room Furniture Collection Photo 5

Everything can be personalized in order to create a particular space where you feel at ease. Here are some ideas and how you can enjoy your living room, that have the perfect design for your living room.Starting from $ 65 can be made as follows: for the legs and for the top of your sofa for example. depending of the type and size of furniture you choose and the materials you choose the price can range from $ 280 for the upper variant to $ 280 for the lower model.

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