If you are looking for big variety of big eye catching furniture pieces for your big room then you can invest in this Siemons big top wrapping sofa, by Peruchetti. Spreading from 6 to 10 meters the sofa boasts a marvelous look thanks to the big windows. The colors available for the big top offer a luxury feel to it. The sofa, which is available in classic tones like beige and white and a little dark brown, is suitable for the big area. No matter the room you choose, you will love the small space that you can create on the sofa. The frame structure is painted in classic tones like white and beige. The wooden feet of the sofa and ottomans are made from solid wood with a dark dark brown wooden finish. The feet can be black or natural, in depends on your choice of color like red, brown or beige. This characteristic makes the sofa easy to match with anything that you like. The sofa from the designer furniture for medium size rooms like: walk in closet, powder room, kitchen and dining room can cost between $1,199 and $4,199.