If you’re ever in the mood for a great Christmas Tree and you need a special room for the occasion, you should take a look at the Simonsburg Simonsburg Life suite. This one dates back to 2010 and it’s a very beautiful and modern collection of living room furniture. This particular one is especially beautiful because it combines a variety of style, such as the minimalist style available in both modern and vintage.

The collection features details such as the crystal chandelier and the furntiure of the sofa, the oricon pins, the ornaments and also the Christmas tree vase. These are unique decorations and accessories that are very beautiful. However, they might not be as expensive as the extras. They would make a spectacular living room décor.

Simmons Bellamy Living Room Collection Photo 2

Simmons Bellamy Living Room Collection Photo 3

The pieces from this collection are made of European walnut wood. The dimensions of this piece of furniture are woks 18 1/2 “diamat” long, 7 3/4 “x8” deep and 4 3/4 “high. The solid wood is strong and durable and all the materials sued to make it even more durable. It’s a very durable piece of furniture and the fact that it’s made from this material makes it long-lasting and resilient. It’s a very beautiful combination of wood and fabrics and this makes it particularly comfortable.Available for 146 euros.

Simmons Bellamy Living Room Collection Photo 4

Simmons Bellamy Living Room Collection Photo 5