I do not know what the Romans meant when they said, “A fox is the peacock that lies still in the blue temple, that cannot be discovered yet”. Anyway, now people realize the fox as a model of appropriate furniture for the living room and make the living room beautiful and more comfortable. Silver animals are more appropriate than any other kinds of painted animals on the house. They are harmless, but they are admired and paid for and they are admired for all kinds of things: for art, for different objects that you need in the house. For example here is a silver fox painted on the living room wall, gorgeous.

It is a nice painting that can be perfectly used for decorating any room for your family. You can choose the size between the painting and the normal dimensions. For example here it is a normal sized painting with an attractive silhouette and a black background with nice and discrete details. You can choose the model with black stripes or with squares, so that you can make the room more dynamic and also keep the black and white combination in your house. The black and white combination in your house means a better combination in your living room design.