Living room is the most important room in the house, guaranteed of beautiful things to look at and spend time with your family. Now, since the house is where you spend the most time, the more important feature of the house is the color theme. Here are some ideas of silver and gold living room paint pattern.

There are many patterns of the most fashionable spirit in home, but if you have a simple living room with nothing to care, then the best thing to work on is the silver and gold combination. All the rooms in the house should be simple and neat so that it is perfect in design and effect. The light green, or stars of the rainbow should be preferred for the picture having them. All the patterns should be very much in harmony, without excesses and also, don’t use too many colours. A lot of colourful flowers and fruits are in the works here, too.

There are also smaller models of the traditional silver and gold pair, but they are not more fashionable than these ones. So bring some other colours into your house, on coffee and so on. Do not use too many of the same colour or too few of them, as this can create a crowded and un Harmonious living room.”

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