There are many things you can use in the living room, but some of them should be purely functional while also serving as decorative elements to a room. There are many silver accessories available such as lamps which you can use to light the place, picture frames, books, or even pillows. However, silver accessories can also be included in any room.

There are many silver accessories you can choose for the living room. You cannot choose a silver sofa, a silver coffee table, a silver picture frame, a silver curtain for bed, short stools, silver chairs, silver curtains for the indoors or a silver separating wall.

There are Silver Coasters which are a lovely and detailed design with gentle details which can be applied in order to hide the glass panes used for storing your precious items. They keep your things safe and secure and they look like beautiful decorations used for the mantel. The wonderful Scragnum Coaster is combined with a simple and practical silver frame.

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Minimalist Coaster is made from rigid glass and has three thin metal legs similar to those in traditional hand carved timber. The simple frame is adapted for your standard modern hand made frames and your precious items will be secured and stored in a stylish way. The Plinth is made from durable wood with a lacquer finish. The dimensions of the coasters are 24? x 10? x 10?.Available for 248$.

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