Modern pieces of furniture have that unique charm that can make anyone feel like home, that friendly feeling. Also, they have something that all children do that can be appreciated by adults. It’s all about the colors and the prints and the little details that can’t be touched by the user. Even though at first it feels like a random thing to do or imagine walking into your home, once you see this place it quickly changes your mind and you start to think from different perspectives.

The main thing that you have to remember here is to stop thinking monotonous. You have to start adding your own print and to follow the tutorial from the main guide provided here. Start with a big piece of plywood and work your way to the next wooden plank. As you’re working, you might enter a whole new world where wood posters are the first place you’ve chosen to start. I really like wood wall vignettes and I’m pretty sure you at least have some in your home. The next step is to find some of those posters, find some of those posters online and print them because you obviously need them fast.

I promise to share the tips and ideas with you and make sure they can be changed. All you need are a printable poster, a large cross-stitch tool and your own fear of weather. Now that you know how to get that patch of wood to match your own home and how to make your own wall art, you might already have all that work to do.

Signature Design By Ashley Fallston Living Room Sectional Photo 3

Signature Design By Ashley Fallston Living Room Sectional Photo 4