This unusually-looking piece of furniture is the Signature collection, a series of furniture pieces that look like compact stars built on wooden beams. It’s very unusual and it’s probably the element that determined its name and structure. It seems like a very versatile collection. It’s a very stylish and elegant collection that would look great in a traditional or maybe modern home. If you like the piece, you can also see other similar pieces in the same collection.

There’s a very beautiful and stylishly balanced furniture collection also including other pieces like flower petals, legs and delicate and delicate lines. The pieces from this collection share in common the warmness and delicacy of the wood and the artistic side featured by the designer. This style is usually associated with traditional or vintage furniture and decors. In this case it’s mostly because the pieces from this collection look very natural and like nature. They come in a very precious category.

The signature cedarwood color is a very beautiful and pleasant one that allows them to be integrated in any type of décor and any room. They create a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere and this can be applied to any piece of furniture. The pieces are either exclusively designed for the living room an equally important element for the bedroom where you want to include these pieces. They are also equally important for the dining room because they are the place where we usually spend a lot of time when we have to eat and interact. A beautiful chair like this one is the perfect element to complement the usual minimalist frames and monograms.