If you see the photos of this house, you will certainly think of the mountains that can be covered on all seasons. You might say that this house is inhabited by only the summer and the people who spend most of their days in weekends. This accommodation will certainly remind you of the famous Abiñco Garcia Montezima, a marvelous place where they spend the most relaxing days.

The architectural firm, Ito Pressac, was asked to make this project the main focus of this project. The main idea was to create a living room, a space that will bring the inhabitants of the country to new place where they can spend the holy days relaxing if they want. The idea of making it is realized with a five-star rustic beauty, which looks like the construction of a cross. The construction becomes visible when you enter and yet you have the feeling that you are at a wedding wedding.

The main idea is the same for the relationship between building and each other. The garden is the main object that defines the different areas of the house, the bedroom one being the most intimate and closed and the living room one absorbing the surroundings. The result is a living room that makes you feel safe and irresistible. The openings are large shaped in a way that makes it look like a flower, that is a spaceship. This is definitely a sophisticated home that focuses on practicality and intelligent alchemy.

Sierra 379flok Front Living Room Photo 4

Sierra 379flok Front Living Room Photo 5