Some people like to have a spacious home and they think it is better to have less furniture because you would have too much to lose. Here is a table you can choose or place for different purposes. The designer is Joseph Tayyus who seemed inspired from many pieces of furniture that appeared in the famous The Canterbury Quarter in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a comfortable looking house which has a healthy design.

This seating furniture saves you the trouble of having to evaluate its design before you can buy it. It will give you the impulse to buy it and will make you save time and money. It is simple and useful, with a pleasant design that will make you feel comfortable and nice.

The furniture is made of plywood and is available in two sizes: large/small and pieces/copper. Any way, it shows its nature in different patterns, combining a common model with interesting colors and colours. You can also use this piece of furniture for outdoor terraces, where you can enjoy a cold drink or maybe a friend. It is indeed original and beautiful and you will love it. You can have it for $2,590.