In a living room it’s usually comfortable to have a sofa, a chair, a coffee table, some wall art and a sofa or sectional. It’s also convenient to have a sofa in the living room, not necessarily the bed. There are lots of interesting furniture pieces that look like pieces of a large puzzle. This is actually best used in combination of a sofa and a bed.

A sofa doesn’t need to be vast or impressive. It’s enough to use color, accent pieces. For example, you can create an artistic mix by combining an area rug design with a piece of wall art and some comfy cushions of different colors and types of pillows.

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You can also use two colors to create the contrast you see in the pictures. For example, you can use blue and yellow and you can use this contrast to break the monotony of the décor. Also, another idea is to drape a piece of wall art having a similar color and then to embellish it with colorful flowers and decorations.

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You can group two focal items if you want. For example, one item can stand out only when it has a dark brown background while the other one is a neutral color and very common. So consider such decorations. They can look just as charming in a living room, even when they’re both in one color.

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You can also use two or even three colors in a living room space if you want them to blend in. For example, you can use a third color in the form of a rug or an area rug in the same color. So rather than create a boring wall décor you can just use that when you can.

But you can’t make all of these blend in a room but only use the classics like a brown leather sofa, something brightly and vibrant and colorful and put it in your dining room. It’s simple and versatile and this makes it perfect for any décor. For example, it can easily become a focal point in a room that has simple, neutral colors.

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