When decorating a private home, the most important portions of the process are usually the main room such from the living room to the other spaces around them like the bedrooms, the bathroom or the guest room. These spaces need to be thought of as it’s a social area and not as a bedroom. However, curtains can be very helpful in these cases. They can be used to provide privacy in the same time, to conceal certain areas and in some cases to also have a more modern look or color. Let’s take a look at a few interiors featuring curtains that might shed some light on this idea.

In the living room it’s best to limit yourself to a relatively simple and clean décor. So, for example, if you’re aiming at a minimalist and contemporary look, use neutral colors and subtle trim which can emphasize the simplicity while adding layers of colored shades.

Sometimes the color of the curtains is just as important as the color of the walls. A nice way of switching between styles is by creating a combination.

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For example, if you’re trying to create a contrast between the classical living room and the more modern spaces, use colors such as blue, green or lavender. Use a combination of colors which are usually repeated throughout the room in order to maintain an open and bright atmosphere.

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Even though the living room is the most important room of the house, sometimes it’s best to turn the space into a social area. De-cluttering and a casual approach can be beautifully reflected here. Everything is simple, stylish and very pleasant, even when it comes from a décor such that minimumism and minimalism interact in an intentional way. {found onuttonhouseblog}.

In the case of the living room, the main color used for the curtains is white. It’s a color that defines this simplistic look and which is intentionally chosen this way. The minimalism that surrounds the room’s décor is also a characteristic of the modern and contemporary style used here.

A really clever way of maintaining a simple and open look for the living room without featuring bold colors is by opting for a minimalist curtain. Basically, the bedroom is your sanctuary. The TV is not glued to the curtain rod, everything is centered above it. You can find inspiration in that.

A similar case is also featured by this minimalist and very chic-looking living room. As you can see, the space has a ton of character and this is by design. The curtains encircle the lounge area, providing privacy for the bedroom and defining a clear barrier for the spaces in front of it.

The light blue living room curtains also go really well in combination with the gray ceiling and the orange wooden furniture, both of which have a color that brighten up the space in a simple but nice way. The acrylic coffee tables soften the decor in a subtle yet striking way while the light-colored flooring is also a very harmonious chromatic tone.

Even when the living room and the dining space are nicely organized, sometimes it’s best to just hide them. That’s right, you can still bring attention to your walls with art deco furniture such as sculptures. The constant between the two styles is the texture and color of the wood. They complement each other really well and they’ll also complement each other beautifully. {found on tremondith}.

In contemporary living rooms with soft decor, the curtains are just as important as the walls they create. In other words, it’s easier to create that classy ornate wall art that invites you to get fancy. The Hollywood Regency decor is the best one to get this look for your living room. The light blue and gold bedding grounds the overall look.{found on thriftyandchic}.

We’ll end with a stylish living room with a traditional and artsy feel. The light blue and gold wall decor featured on hufftetmakeandhebrais is the ideal pick for this room. I know that there are a lot of great examples like this one which should be helpful to you during your search for the perfect living room color.