Does your living room need to be a unique living room? This is a very common choice and, if something like that is required in your interior decor, you can solve the problem. Moreover, you have extra space in the room if you install some seating features like this tufted outdoor chair with cushions . The chair has thin metal rods that are anchored to a frame made of wood. This solve the problem in a very natural way and they look beautiful together.

The cafe chair was designed by Massino Castagna. It has a design similar to the long traditional chairs people used to have in their homes. However, this time the rods have different colors. They resemble the sky or stars. The colors are not exactly what you would like by the first place, considering sofa furniture, maybe another piece. As for the design, those are not far from the basics. The designer squeezed the already existing structures of chairs so that he could sculpt them. Carved metal posts were ideal and the geometry is simple yet striking.

Sheer Cafe Curtains For Living Room Photo 2

Even though the chair looks just like a bunch of chairs, they are made of several big metal pieces that go together to form a comfortable cushion. The filling is manually-controlled with a cold-clear water sealer and they are available in two colors: black and gray. The clever design offers the chair its true beauty but it also introduces color into a room, unwanted by the usually minimalist style. The chairs are very versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They would look wonderful in a modern living room or as an accessory around the fireplace. The Funkyduvet is also a great choice.