There is no place like a bright and cheerful place. When I first saw this Cool Blue Interior House, I was immediately drawn to the idea .I must confess that I have a lot of imagination and plenty of patience when designing a new home. However, what I liked most about this house was the classic lines of the Modern House. The key to the classic look is color combination and pillows.

All my studies called the color combination “patina” or color order in a room. Stripes, silk, beige and dark brown are combined with the rare and fabrics and you also get a rare house. The rooms are no longer a distinct area, but it has got to be warm and welcoming, so the blue and pink combination is the perfect color combination.

If you have the mood to tell me this house is more than pleasant, simple and cool. It is warm, and in the same time fresh and elegant. Just add a bit of notes for the comfort that reigns all through my house. The key to this traditional look is to use colors beyond the walls, so you can see the curtains, pillows, dining room chairs and even a painting. A lot of other ways to be different than your walls.

My favorite color combination is blue and yellow and green and brown. I hope that painted by a famous magazine is already inspiring you.{pictures found on Avenuegarden}.