Living room is all about comfort and style. The living room is the space where we spend most of our time, we where we entertain guests and we watch family and friends so why should we have a very formal atmosphere in that room? The main idea when choosing furniture for the living room was to choose something that would be both stylish and comfortable, that would fit the décor and that would be special either because it’s a compact and stylish piece or something with a traditional design.

Today we’re going to take a look at this lovely piece of furniture. It’s the Shaker sofa and it’s a wonderful piece of furniture for the living room. It has a simple but elegant design with curved lines and beautiful silhouettes of the arm rests. The Shaker sofa was designed by Josef Frank in 1951. It has been purchased by the Areal owners and it only entered in Rome for a limited edition IIIVersa 18, 1956. However, it’s been further prepared to be brought to Romania for the 1948 year-old living room.

Shaker Style Living Room Furniture Photo 3

Another interesting piece of furniture was the Modernaci table designed by V.F. und Marquina and manufactured by The Convergence business in 1998.This beautiful modern version of an a table is also available in solid oak or solid ash with modern twist details. The top of the table is made of black walnut and matte black molded until they reached the desired shape.

This beautiful modern dining table can accommodate up to 10 persons. The solid wood legs are also available in oak and brass and the top is actually made of brass. This stylish dining table can look at your arched openings and it can be a practical addition to a modern or contemporary home as it adds elegance to the décor. The table is crafted in limited-edition cherry, walnut or ash and each piece is unique and special.Available for 1500 euros.