Modern homes almost always feature a modern décor. It’s the most simple room in the house. Still, there are cases when the décor is a little more complex. For example, this living room features elements such as elements such as decorations with artistic sculptures or paintings that have become symbolic elements. The rugs are a very important element and their decoration has a big impact on the overall look and feel of the living room’s décor.

Shag rugs can be a very beautiful way of adding pattern and color to a living room. They create a very nice impression on the décor and they’re also very functional as well. It’s important to have something soft and probably not very comfortable or very easy to clean rug. That’s the problem with most modern rugs. They can easily become a focal point in the décor, but they can also blend in if you prefer something a little more dynamic in terms of colors and materials.

A simple and clean rug that you like would be perfect for this room. Since it’s basically just another regular rug, the image is also simple and frothy. Nevertheless, it’s a great choice for a room with minimalist, contemporary interior designs. So if you have children then it’s not the best choice for you. But at least you can relax there and learn your new accent accent accent color. It’s best to avoid bright colors when working with children.

Shag Rug In Living Room By Kaare Klint Photo 4