This is one of my favourite designs for the evening. I always feel like a little baby taking a nap in front of me. I want to sip coffee and read a good book under these lovely writing lamps. I want to help my little one write so that they will seem again to be in bed in the spot once again “Still in bed”. Not having this handy looking desk is one of the worst things ever, at least not during a long time, as the baby always wants to slip off of the desk and fall asleep. Here is a special desk I want to put into my living room, as I’ am afraid this will cause other problems once the children have gone asleep.

This charming writing desk has a special one for children, as it can be easily fooled with a nice lamp and a colourful cushion. The desk has a small support that is fixed to the ceiling, so the desk’s height should be decided carefully. There is three legs you can use for support, six glass shelves that fill the space and the overall design of the desk is perfect and easy to integrate in your design. The item is available online for $600.