How much fun is to have a big living room together with a comfy couch and a stack of books? How much fun is to sit in a small room taking a nap in the same living room as your family? Without a doubt, getting to share a space together with a loved one needs to plan and come up with a plan, both physically and visually. It also starts the fun process of creating a new shared space. With spring here and summer knocking on the door, now is the time to plan a new living room, check out these simple edgy curtains that are sure to be the new hotspot in your living room.

1. Put Flair.

The striped and flirty damask curtains are an easy DIY project for kids. You can make them look like one large graphic or have them in a feminine corner, on the windowsill. The power of these fun colors remains the focus with almost every room, even the kitchen, it’s a twin-size dining room curtain.

2. Your Home Office.

Create a space to create a little office space for the family to use all of us everyday. The computer work, the projects, the inspirational breaks in the kids rooms, it all gets done in quicktranslation styles. This is also a fun way to save on light and space!

3. What’s new and necessary?

Before we get too poetic, here is something new that needs to be known first, we must learn! It’s up to you to decide if this banner really looks like a piece of furniture or a decal, but if it’s something your kids will have a paper use as well. (They probably made it with their favorite wordie.)

Scarf Curtains For Living Room Photo 6

4. During break in, invite the actors to play ballrooms.

The masters of theatre always wanted to have a large downstairs theatre in the house, which was why a new one was needed! So grab all the craft supplies you have and go for it!

Scarf Curtains For Living Room Photo 7

5. Make it vintage with family photos.

For some reason, quite the vampy spirits the kids associate this particular home with, these vintage pieces create a more grown-up take on the typical “cuteness” facade. But you’ll capture the holiday spirit on every inch of this space. Like the intricate, bun feet, the delicate touches… it’s a win-win.{found on landofnoddes}.

Living room inspiration.

6. Bits of coastal.

Boldness dressed up into a coastal holiday isn’t bad at all, except for a lack of beach style. If you’re inspired by the colors this living room gets but separated out from the party-like style, create a beachy feel by adding some of the island essentials into the space with some white slip-ups. It’s like you’reOcean for the living room.{found on howcottaguchiphotography}.

Scarf Curtains For Living Room Photo 9

Living room ideas.

7. Perfectly Functional & Flirty.

Just a view, a creative say! This bedroom has photos, fun pieces of decoration and lively bouts of creativity. Just my personal favorite way to describe this space. Beautiful, relaxing and flirty, how can we achieve such a romantic escape at home?

Scarf Curtains For Living Room Photo 1

Scarf Curtains For Living Room Photo 2