Here’s a collection that can’t help itself: furniture that helps you achieve your goals and make the space feel comfortable and welcoming. This is the Saraa collection which was designed by Per Weiss. The collection is very simple but that at the same time has its own charm and personality. Moreover, because of that, it’s also a versatile and modern furniture collection.

The Saraa furniture pieces are very elegant and stylish but also simple and neutral tones. The collection features wooden panels placed on a grey accent color and the details are both functional and chic. The contrast is subtle but visible and there’s also a contrast between dark and bright color and thin and delicate curved lines.

These elements are the details that allow us to cover up a very simple and basic piece of furniture that still manages to impress. The panels come in several different shades and they are arranged on a wooden base with a rather futuristic design. The collection features several different models. Whether you prefer a single tone or several if you prefer them all the same, there’s always an option to match them or to opt for mixed designs and patterns and to make them stand out.

Sara Collection Living Room Furniture By Per Weiss Photo 4