I am a very busy person, so I have very little place where I could take care of some aspects like taking care of a five year old son and her daily problems. And I have only one kitchen, so I have very little space where to work and make decisions. And if the result of these problems is not spectacular, then it is the busy person that will have all the problems solved by the help of the designer and home owner. This is the perfect example of an excellent designed living room.

Actually the house is a great combination of section, shaped and white painted architectural shapes and various other shapes and sizes have been arranged. Some of the windows are raised ceiling and also some other interesting details of the bookshelf as well. The fireplace is an excellent idea for the interior design of the room and the bookshelf is an excellent adornments decorative for this area. The color of the walls is also great. There are many white pieces of furniture or decorations in there, too. But if the interior design is so beautiful and attractive and the surroundings so unvarnished it will keep you company through your company all the time.