Living room is one of the most used rooms in the house because it is the place where you get to spend time together with all your friends, where you have the leisure to just simply read a book, spend nice time with your friends and spend nice coffee. But sometimes you feel like you don’t have enough space left for a proper living room. Your living room furniture can get pretty expensive and you rarely find the right kind of materials for it. But if you use the living room paint you can create a pretty nice living room in no time. Here is a very simple DIY that allows you to have a living room without too much effort.

The very first thing you should do is create a living room paint. If you have the right dimensions – something like 45 x 40 inches, even for the paint you can probably find something like 45 x 30 inches. However, if you’re not that lucky you will encounter some challenges. But it’s all a matter of personal preferences and budget. Since molding is not a very popular material, you can choose to use white paint for this project. First you should get some primer. Then paint the walls and ceiling. You might have to paint the base too but then again… Time to get to it.

The first thing you should do is remove all the little dirt and dust. Make sure there are no air leaks. Once you’re done with that, you should sand down everything and get everything ready. If you’re using clear, then you might want to use a fine sandpaper. Since it’s glossy and you might not even need a brush, a soft-paired brush and some warm water can do their jobs very well.

Don’t forget to get the hair cut! Once you’re done with the brush Job. Wash your cloth excessively and do two or three deep, dryer coats. Set them in a bubble insulated jar then put in a fresh coat of paint. Place a piece of tape on the inside of the jar and stick the inside to the wall. Set the whole thing upside down, let it dry overnight and then use another piece of tape to mark the area you want painted.{found on apaperm}.

Sage And Brown Living Room Paint DIY Photo 4

Sage And Brown Living Room Paint DIY Photo 5