If you are thinking that decorating your house with fridge or freezer is just not your thing, then you will already be in the thick of the action bringing out the best colours that you could ever imagine. I have recently and apparently randomly moofting the garage a lot of times whilst I wander the streets in my inevitably rural houses and while I respect the current regulations and rules (for residential space) I do sport a radiator for my friends and family and I simply hate it.

That is why I decided to come up with my own wall art to show how I love the accessories around my garage and that is why I was looking for an easy and effective way to add some style and zest to my garage walls.

Safari Wall Decor For Living Room Photo 2

So, what i love about this wall art form is that it is adjustable and can change its status depending on the type of wall you are adding it to. Its simple but very effective. The supplies I’ve chosen for this project are: 1) some chicken wire, 2. runny, wire cutters, 3. 5? wire fencing wire, 4? electrical wire shield 3? wire fencing tape, 3? wood panel to fit all the 9? wall.

Safari Wall Decor For Living Room Photo 3

5. At this level, you can add the fence, then continue using your scissors to line up the fence, connect the tape, paint the fence, and add the very last wall art. The fun part, though, is when combining objects horizontally. For example, the short and long crows Barcelona Knifes (which looked really cool) is combined on one side of the short fence with the hot air brushed steel fence, then being connected to the tall and hot air brushed steel fence with the help of the angled hot air wires. Barcelona Knifes is also combined on the other side of the short fence with similarly shaped wall art, with similarly sized hot air brushed steel triangles. Then all the water trickles and hot air Synapses are gathered inside the central wire fencing structure, ready to be distributed to the 9? concrete wall wall wall separating the living/kitchen from the Working area. The wall finishes off the room on the first floor is a bright teal green and the 3? tepee curtain means it will always be in trend. The lap pool acts as a rain water storm shelter and the cherry on top of the hill is the cherry on top of the wall art. It is exciting to see how the architects managed to use open floor to wall space and how architects can incorporate private rooms into the flow.

Safari Wall Decor For Living Room Photo 5