The safari season begins in spring and it can directly be regarded as the traditional springtime season. The strong winds, heavy snow and long, harsh nights are part of the winter season. Although winter snow usually falls, this season’s cold exterior makes winter as a challenge. Looking at the photos of the houses, I can see how this house’s façade is the snow’s evil brother. The traditional houses that are situated in the middle of the city, don’t offer much privacy and struggle with cold exterior and receive too much natural light. For those who are nostalgic about the traditional winter holiday houses, the house can be turned into a one of a kind, contemporary and modern.

The house is situated near the Cascade Hotel in Washington State, USA, being itself a certified low energy building made of solar panels and many other green building prototypes. Designed by the team at Sharp Patough Construction, the house was designed with two big definite boxes and a separate area at the front. One big box is the living room area. The electrical and plumbing systems and other related structures were custom built and somewhat embedded in the two building silhouette boxes. The second is the guest area. A floor of the two building that houses the kitchen and a bedroom suites also serves as a garage.

The beautiful symmetry of the house design is pretty accurate considering the context. The two building boxes were slightly different in design but the two hug each other architecturally and have been visually extended distinguished and combined to form a modern structure. The colors and materials were also beautifully combined,black and white check for sand and white check for snow. The unusual shape also makes it interesting. The owners are not high maintenance people so most of the cosmetic treatments are made on a very low cost and adequate environment. The color combination is modern but the look is traditional, in a way that suits this vernacular.