A living room, like a kitchen, should be decorated with style and class and having the furniture coordinate perfectly, rather than having a classic kitchen look, with traditional pressed hardware and cherry wood, chic bar chairs and apron. Any home, from young married in the nest to adults trying to achieve their freedom, reading and winding to a mountain, a little bit of movement in the living room is a welcoming feeling.

Although a living room is usually geared towards eating and entertaining, more often than not, it is also a good idea to opt for a snazzy fireplace to provide a balance and focal point for the entire room. Bringing a warmth to both corners, the fireplace and the sitting area, using a color palette based on rustic hues, is a must.

A living room that is cramped with room actually needs a bit of creativity and planning, to be able to tackle all the challenges that come with working at a home. Adding a bit of design personality is always a good idea to enliven a boring living room, but it only adds to the whole satisfaction of a beautiful display. Think outside-the-box in terms of fun designs that multi-task, or using children’s room as an additional room of itself. Whatever design ideas you choose, our selection must be just right, and you’ll love checking out how awesome each of these ideas are.

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Color Combinations

For most modern homes, the living room is typically the first place you look at when you want to study some color and pattern, and this is certainly not the case here. What’s the place where you typically want your bright furniture to lie? Doesn’t it feel more welcoming when you entertain, especially if you’re trying to look friendly when you sit down? The best thing about design greats is that there are so many different lines you can play with, and you always have at least one color in mind. Take a look at some of our favorite ideas.

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1. Mixed and matched.

by Eric Rorer Photgraphy

by Artificially trained

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by Tute Lemaire

2. Dainty, Delicate.

by Rob Karosis Photography

by Julie Rankey Photography

You have a space that should be decorated properly and show off your charming personality without being filler. Instead, go for a dainty, flirtatious theme and keep things dainty and touchable. Think about fun quotes, pained on the table or on the chair, then take a look at this gorgeous chair.

3. Cottage Ideas.

by Belaire Photography

by Susanman

Remember this old boat from a post industrial building? She’d definitely adore it, in its raw, imperfect shape. And she’d take it home to create her very own cottage escape. Cottage ideas are great because they don’t involve living in it. Instead, an old boat gets a quick makeover, a coat of beadboard paint and a small wooden crate.

4. Art is a must.

by Belaire Photography

by Shrón Sito

by Josh Becker Architects

by Kathleen O’Rorke

by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

by Diego Bortolato

by Harrison Design Associates

by Elad Gonen

5. Verticality.

by Barbara Iari

by JoshadorStudio

by Karen Grace Interior Design

by GreenLiving Interior Design


by Dennis Seals


by Britto Chango

by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

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